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The Church and the Gospel

Adults who stay at AHHG for extended periods will attend church regularly.  Adults who stay at AHHG for extended periods will actively seek to live the gospel.  When adults mess up, repentance is expected, and forgiveness will be willingly extended. This rule applies to Momma H. and Papa H. as much as it does to anyone else.

On Sunday mornings, Alice Haddow is responsible only for herself.  Any grownups who stay at AHHG will be expected to attend church, but they cannot expect Alice Haddow to get them there on time.  Alice Haddow does not plan to knock on doors, tell people when to get in the shower, remind them to clean their rooms, or tell them to get downstairs for breakfast.  As of July 2002, this age-old practice of thinking you are children will forever end.  Get yourselves up on time, shower, make your bed, do your five-minute pickup, get your breakfast, and clean up your dishes in time for the 20-minute drive to church.  Do not cause trouble by watching the news or taking on other projects before these things are finished.

Additionally, please remember that all of the above items should be done without Alice Haddow having to say a word.  Deciding to eliminate any of these steps (except for breakfast on Fast Sundays) or deciding it is ok to be late to church is not an option.


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