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It is understood that Alice Haddow does not do laundry for able-bodied adults.  If you do your laundry in machines located at Yewing Way, it must be done in machines that Alice Haddow does not regularly use.  (There will be a minimum of three sets -- hopefully, four -- of machines, so avoiding the two that Alice Haddow regularly uses will not be an inconvenience.)

If an adult staying in AHHG uses any of the laundry equipment, it’s important that the lint be removed from the dryer.  If you get lint or detergent or anything else all over the machines, please wipe this stuff off.

If an adult staying in AHHG uses the laundry equipment, it’s important that your clothes not be left all over the place.  Laundry involves at least three steps:  (1) preparation to do the laundry; (2) actually doing the laundry; (3) and cleanup (aka folding, hanging, ironing, putting away).  Please be certain all of these steps are done in as compressed a time frame as possible; that is, if you start your laundry on a Saturday, please try to complete all three steps in that day.  If you find this impossible, please leave unfinished portions neatly in a place where Alice Haddow will never see it.  

If someone has left clothes in the dryer (for shame!) and you decide to do your laundry before they’ve retrieved their clothes, do not think for one minute that it’s ok to pile the other person’s clothes in a corner and leave them.  Either get the person to take care of them (meaning, fold, hangup, and put them away), or you do it yourself.  Rest assured that Momma H. will not respond kindly to the age-old practice of some in our household who think that these sloppy piles of laundry have heretofore gone unnoticed.

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