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Alice Haddow typically will not plan to be responsible for the eating habits of able-bodied adults.  She may or may not have on hand the groceries you would like for your repertoire of dinner menus.  If she does not, then you will have to do your own grocery shopping.  Please do not look in Alice Haddow’s bare fridge and bare cupboards and tell her how wrong it is that she does not have more food.  If you want more food, go get it.

If invited, Alice Haddow will gladly sit at the dinner table of those who like to cook.  Please remember that Alice Haddow does not like to cook AT ALL and does not do it very often.  You are responsible for what you have to eat, and she is responsible for what she has to eat.  If someone believes it is more efficient to coordinate dinners, Alice Haddow will gladly accommodate that person by allowing them to do the coordinating.

Please remember that cooking involves at least three steps:  (1) Preparation to cook; (2) the actual cooking; and (3) complete cleanup afterward.  Please be especially conscious of step three.  

In fact, any time an adult at AHHG eats, that adult should not plan to leave the kitchen until it’s clean again.  The definition of a clean kitchen is exactly what one would expect:  All dirty dishes have been rinsed and put in the dishwasher, with the added step of emptying the dishwasher, if necessary.  Anything left on the countertops that should not be there has been put neatly in its place.  The floor has been swept and cleaned in accordance with appropriate guidelines for cleaning a wood floor.

Be advised that if you decide to cook for yourself or your friends in AHHG, all the above steps will be required.  The definition of a clean kitchen is NOT limited to rinsing the dishes and leaving them in the sink.  I will be happy to show anyone who so desires a sample of a kitchen clean enough to please the management at AHHG.

Cleaning the granite countertops involves a very specific process.  It is important that Alice Haddow give you personal training in this matter before you attempt it.  IT IS CRUCIAL THAT ALCOHOL-BASED CLEANERS NEVER BE USED ON THE GRANITE COUNTERTOPS.  We have purchased a large container of the appropriate cleaning solvent for granite.  Please be sure to use only this and not other commercially available cleaners.

Our wood floors in the kitchen (and for that matter throughout the house) likewise have specific needs for proper maintenance.  Please do not wear high heels anywhere on the wood floors, since this can cause significant damage.  The Craftmark Homes manual instructS that regular vacuuming or dry mopping is require to remove surface dust and dirt.  It also says, “Do not use water to clean hardwood floors; it sometimes causes the grain to rise, and prolonged use may cause cracks resulting from expansion and shrinkage of the wood.  If a dampened mop is used on heavily soiled areas always be sure to thoroughly dry the area afterwards.”

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