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I don’t mind going over these rules verbally with those who may need reminding, as long as I have to do it less than three times.  I am not interested in getting upset with those who violate the rules of AHHG.  I do not want to have any yell-fests.

Repeat offenders, therefore, are likely to find that Alice Haddow has vacated the premises.  There are a lot of fairly inexpensive motels close to Route 66 on highway 234.  If you find that Alice Haddow has vacated the premises, you may try calling these close-by motels.  If you can find her, she will gladly inform you that she is willing to return to AHHG once the adults staying there have it all cleaned up.

Habitual offenders, a term distinguished from repeat offenders by virtue of the fact that they unrepentantly and incorrigibly over sustained periods of time violate AHHG rules, will simply be given up on.  (That’s code for “they won’t be invited back.”)

It is generally a good idea to have a job or school or something during the day to occupy yourself outside of AHHG.  Those of you familiar with Alice Haddow’s personality know that (a) she needs a great deal of private time and (b) morning is her get-the-work-done time.  By evening she fades and is usually ready to socialize again, so don’t think she is being rude if she doesn’t pay a lot of attention to you in the mornings.  That’s just the way she is.


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