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Please do not expect Alice Haddow to coordinate sources of amusement for you.  If you’re bored, find a way to make your own fun.  Or ask Mac Haddow to help you coordinate it.   (We can assign him this job as compensation for the fact that he is not being asked to pick up after himself -- at least not very much.)

 When you decide to watch movies in the theatre room, please be considerate of what others may be doing.  For example, if it’s late at night, please do not play the movie so loudly that no one upstairs can sleep.  This is also applicable if you decide to watch tv  or listen to music or play the piano, etc., at night.

After a session of billiards, movies, or whatever it may be, please look around to see what mess you may have made and clean it up.  (On June 10, 2002, for example, I walked downstairs after Chris and Jess had stayed up very late watching a movie followed by soccer.  I had to pick up off the floor strewn pillows, Wendy’s cups, napkins, flight itineraries, silk plants, and all manner of other items that should have been put away by the offenders.)  In my new house I will not have to do this.  Those who made the mess will clean it up without having to be told.


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