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The basement of Yewing Way will contain an indoor exercise pool because Alice Haddow’s knees have gone bad in her old age.  Alice Haddow is willing to share the pool, but she NEVER wants it to be a source of concern for the safety of future grandchildren or others who may visit Yewing Way.  The pool will be in a location secured by two doors.  A code will be required to enter the room.  Failure to secure the pool room after using the pool will result in the code being changed and not being given to the offending party for an appropriate length of time.

Because much maintenance is required in the care of a pool and its surrounding area, all the rules in this document pertaining to order, neatness, and property maintenance apply.  Common sense dictates that specific rules follow, such as:  (a) Never get into the pool without showering first; (b) don’t leave wet towels in the pool room; (c) take care of your swimming suit after using the pool room in a way that prevents it from dripping all over the place; (d) wipe down the shower after you use it; (e) look around the room to be certain you’re not leaving it a mess; (f) if you’re asked to do chemical maintenance on the pool, please comply, (g) etc.


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