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It has been more than apparent for about five decades that Mac Haddow has the personality of an extravert.  For nearly that same length of time, Alice Haddow has demonstrated the inclinations of an introvert.  Many of the Haddow children are far more like their father in this department than like their mother.  This is probably a good thing, especially if our extraverts are willing to respect their mother’s need for privacy.


There are several ways this respect can be demonstrated:

        a.    If you invite friends over, you are the host or hostess, not your mother.  You must follow through on attending to the needs and wants of your friends, as a good host would.
        b.    If you invite friends over, please do not entertain them on the main floor after midnight.  Take them to the basement where your parents, who are old and need their sleep, will not hear them.
        c.    As always, you, not your mother, are responsible for cleaning up after your friends.  You are responsible for doing this in a timely way, so that your mother does not have to see or otherwise deal with the messes your friends make.
        d.  I have noticed over the years a very strong proclivity for some in our household to take over my bedroom, bathroom, and sometimes my closet, often when their friends come to visit.  (Case in point:  the two Katys.)  Be advised that moving to AHHG will put an end to this proclivity.  With or without friends, please do not take things from my bedroom, bathroom, or closet without my express permission.  In fact, it’s generally a good idea not to enter these areas without first talking to me, especially since everything you need will already be located in your own designated area of the house.


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