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Unless you are at least 50 years of age (the half-century mark produces feet that are often in pain), there will be no shoes worn anywhere there is white carpet.  All of those who grew up in Alice Haddow’s house for children are accustomed to this rule.  I greatly appreciate the fact that most of you still abide by it. Twelve years at Mother Well Court with carpet that is still very nice is proof that this rule works.

If an adult sees something that needs to be done for the upkeep of the home or property it sits on, it’s very important (and nice!) to offer to do it and then follow through.  (Revisit Ashley’s example, above.)  If Alice Haddow is put in the unfortunate position of having to ask for help, please respond kindly by willingly obliging her.  She will do everything in her power to respect your time; please offer the same respect in return.  

As much as Alice Haddow hates being a boss, there may be times (see above) when she may be forced to coordinate tasks to be done.  Please show respect when such coordination becomes necessary.  When a large task looms before us, Alice Haddow may need to produce a list to be divided among the adults in the house.  Please do not complain about perceived inequities of the divided labor.  And, please, do not let Alice Haddow shoulder way too much responsibility the way she did in her former career.  Grandma Davis does that, and, at least in this respect, Alice Haddow does not plan to follow in Grandma Davis’s footsteps.

It is important that people avoid the unfortunate syndrome driven by the words “It’s not my responsibility.” True teamwork means that everyone cooperates and eschews notions that are self-centered or critical of others.

You will see this repeated below, but virtually all jobs entail at least three steps:  preparation to do the job, actually doing the job, and cleanup afterward.  Please be mindful of all three steps, especially number three, during your stay at AHHG.

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