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Don't Let It Be A Surprise, Your Kids Want to Live With Their Parents

The year 2014 appears to have been the tipping point for living arrangement choices of young adults -- in that year young adults were more likely to be living with a parent then they are to be living with a romantic partner in their own household.

In 2014, 32.1% of kids 18-34 years of age lived in their parents home.

Another 31.6% of young adults were married or co-habitating and living in a separate household/dwelling.

Therein lies the challenge for parents of these adult children.

For a good many older parents, we can forget about being an empty-nester, things have changed and their no relief in sight.

I personally decided to take control in my life only because our family was moving to a new home, and I wanted to set new rules to make that transition easier. But since then I have seen, in varying degrees, the statistics described by the Pew Research Center play out in my own life.

For the most part it has been a joyful pleasure to have children and grandchildren living with us over the past 14 years, but it presents real challenges. It is my hope that the Alice Haddow's House for Grownups will help some of the millions of parents who find themselves in the same circumstance.

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