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Washington Post: A Joy or Drag? Parents whose adult children live with them say it can be both.

I enjoyed reading this Washington Post article today because I agreed with the sentiments expressed about the family that had two sons, whose marriages had broken up, move back home with their parents.

Having adult children living at home can be a true joy.

But the Washington Post story captured the essence of the challenge faced by Diana Rodriguez when these two sons came back home to their Alexandria, Va., that the shares with her husband, who is not their father. I had to smile to myself when she said that having her sons around meant she and her husband suddenly felt awkward in their own home.

The questions are many: Do you invite the kids to eat with you at meal time; when you are in the kitchen making something and one of kids walks in -- do you offer to make them something too; and what of decisions about what programs to watch on TV?

And then that ever looming question: "Gee, I really wish I could walk around in my underwear."

I laughed out loud, but only because I understood completely.

As parents we love our kids. A 2013 poll of parents of 18- to 29-year olds revealed that 61% of parents felt mostly positive about their children living at home, while only 6% felt mostly negative.

The Alice Haddow's House for Grownups Rules was designed to increase the positive feelings about adult children at home, and drive down the negative feelings.

This article made me very happy to see and feel the potential of this effort. I hope others will benefit from it.

Alice Haddow

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